ATALAYE n.p means ‘Promontory’ in Basque

At the time, it was the best viewpoint of the city for whalers and was also used on days of bad weather as a lookout in order to alert boats of the right time to head back to harbour.

The French brand is forever inspired by Biarritz-la-Belle. Biarritz, Queen of the Beaches. A charismatic Biarritz that has never ceased to inspire poet’s souls and which appears somewhat as a refuge for the elegance of Mankind.

The fabrication


Our swim shorts are made in Portugal, in factories that specialize in bathing clothes. The fabrics we use are made locally and specifically for bathing. The weaving is dense for sturdiness and their ability to dry fast. They have antibacterial and anti-UV properties and are very resistant to chlorine. The haberdashery (snap buttons, caps, eyelets) is also conceived on site and fully corrosion resistant.

For quality and comfort, all the stitching on our shorts are double, which prevent friction and wear. Our shorts have been conceived with quality in mind for a high-end finishing touch, that will bring you satisfaction however you use them.


All Atalaye swimming trunks have the same cut: short and comfortable.

The elasticated waistbelt (four stitches) suits all body types. Their smart casual style ensures you comfort, ease and style in all your summer sports: swimming, diving, surfing, reading, lounging, flirting, eating ice cream, enjoying life.