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Born in Biarritz, France, in 2015, Atalaye is a way to celebrate that endless life bath, which is the ocean.

It is our inspiration, the blue that sparks our creativity. It sets a balance between the land and the sky. From the promontory (atalaye, in Basque), Biarritz-la-Belle, Queen of all beaches, stands tall and proud. And with it, the water, the shore, the sun, the swimmers and that effortlessly chic atmosphere, where an air of relaxation and lightness can be felt on a backdrop of iodised blues.

We’ve invented Atalaye just the way we live – by striving to have the least impact possible on nature and the sea, while enjoying all of the pleasures they have to offer. The only impact we wish to make is to create elegant, happy memories as you bathe in the sea, in Biarritz, and everywhere else.